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TAMSTOA was registered under the law of associations CAP 337 R.E 2002, with employment number S.A.18896 on April 23 2014. at the time of its establishment, there were about forty (40) founding members. until the year 2023 the party has increased its members to reach 1000.  The leadership of TAMSTOA is completed by the chairman, vice-chairman, general secretary, treasurer and three members of the central committee. all together are elected by the members of the party through the general meeting

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    Visionary Leadership

    Our association is led by a team of experienced and visionary leaders who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Committed to the success of our members, our leadership team works tirelessly to shape policies, forge partnerships, and drive initiatives that benefit the entire trucking community. To advocate for fair wages and improved working conditions for truck drivers, fostering a more sustainable and equitable industry.

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    Leadership Style

    Advocacy-driven, fights for the rights and well-being of truck drivers


Let’s take a look at membership benefits that you could have after being TAMSTOA member for your company.

Advocacy and Legal Support

Lobbying for the interests of truck owners at local, regional, and national levels. Representing members in regulatory matters, ensuring fair policies and regulations.

Networking Opportunities

Facilitating networking events, conferences, or workshops for members to share experiences. Creating an online platform for members to interact, exchange information, and discuss trends

Market Intelligence

Providing market insights and trends to help members make informed business decisions. As member of TAMSTOA Offered access to research and reports on the trucking industry for different Opportunities


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We are up to date so that all information and activities done by TAMSTOA we bring to you on time


We ensure that we are able to have partnership with various sectors and companies both private and governement sectors and companies

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